With two well-established clubs under our belt in Both ISLAND RECON and FPS, there was never any reason to not, let these brands stand alone. However, we were always looking to innovate and add to the list of events and activities that we offer. As well as continually reinvesting in the aforementioned 2018 will see the opening of two more clubs RECON RIFLES and PROJECT DRAGONFLY for this reason, we felt it was time for us to form a parent company, which allowed the exiting and new brands to stand alone but would tidy things up for us as a business.  So 4D SPORTS was created.  Our model is simple but as old as the human race itself, Create a reason to come together, cooperate, form a community and build friendships

As with any organisation 4DSPORTS needs money in order to grow further, buying into this idea will enable us to do just that.

Our "why" however is about legacy. After all what is life but for our experiences and the memories we leave behind?...


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